AdvertisementsIndia.com is an online repository of print advertisements primarily (but not limited to) from 1900 to 1980. The objective of this website is to serve as a research and reference tool for people interested in the advertisment history of India from this time period. From the days of the ” British Raj” to the 1980s, India has seen a remarkable shift in the advertiser base as well as the sensibilities and messaging seen in printed advertisements. This website attempts to brings as much of this history as possible, into one central place.

Companies, advertising agencies and individuals are encouraged to contribute scans of high resolution advertisements to this website using our convenient submission form. Preservation of advertisement history is critical, as advertisements over the years, have indirectly documented the development of modern India.  The products and services described within these advertisements document the evolution of the Indian economy.

More importantly, advertisements can serve as an important educational tool for anyone interested in the history and people of India.

AdvertisementsIndia.com is a not-for-profit organization.